Once a government or tech company develops a definition of terrorism or violent extremism, it can be difficult to know how to apply these definitions to the variety of ways that terrorism and violent extremism manifests internationally and across online spaces.

This section of the site aims to highlight contextual resources on themes related to applying definitions to the online space.  GIFCT funds the Global Network on Extremism and Technology (GNET) to bring forward actionable insights from experts and practitioners around the world to better inform and give context to tech companies, governments, practitioners and other stakeholders in this field. Insights are curated here under context-based themes.


  • 03rd June 2024
    Examining Online Behaviours: Violent and Non-Violent Right-Wing Extremists During Peak Posting Days
    Ryan Scrivens
  • 28th May 2024
    Tracing Austronesian Supremacy Rhetoric on Social Media: Its Impact on the Fate of Rohingya Refugees
    Jonathan Suseno Sarwono
  • 22nd May 2024
    ISKP and Digital Propaganda: An Escalating Anti-India Media Warfare
    Mona Thakkar
  • 20th May 2024
    Two Paths, Same Destination: Analysing White Nationalist X Accounts Amid the War in Gaza
    Diana Wallens
  • 15th May 2024
    Strange Names in the Village: Online Radicalisation, Social Media Literacy and P/CVE in Western Kenya
    Fredrick Ogenga
  • 09th May 2024
    AI-Powered Jihadist News Broadcasts: A New Trend In Pro-IS Propaganda Production?
    Federico Borgonovo, Alessandro Bolpagni and Silvano Rizieri Lucini
  • 07th May 2024
    Hiding in Plain Sight: How the ‘Newgen’ Misogynistic Incel Content Creators Escape Moderation on TikTok
    Anda Solea
  • 01st May 2024
    Cash for Incitement: The Monetisation of Digital Hate in Germany
    Pablo Jost and Harald Sick
  • 29th April 2024
    Tech and Terror: Why Have Drones Not Penetrated the Afghanistan-Pakistan Militant Landscape?
    Abdul Basit and Rueben Dass

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