Once a government or tech company develops a definition of terrorism or violent extremism, it can be difficult to know how to apply these definitions to the variety of ways that terrorism and violent extremism manifests internationally and across online spaces.

This section of the site aims to highlight contextual resources on themes related to applying definitions to the online space.  GIFCT funds the Global Network on Extremism and Technology (GNET) to bring forward actionable insights from experts and practitioners around the world to better inform and give context to tech companies, governments, practitioners and other stakeholders in this field. Insights are curated here under context-based themes.


Platform & Product Type/Focus

The internet is not a homogenous space. There is significant variation in what platforms or tools online do, and subsequently an equally significant variation in how a platform might be exploited and the signal available to a platform to detect such exploitation. Experts continue to track the different types of platforms and tools being exploited by terrorists and violent extremist, looking at how and why a group or individual might use a product. While some platforms are more global in usage, others are specific to trends in regions or particular types of violent extremist groups.

  • 30th January 2024
    Telegram’s Role in Amplifying Tehreek-e-Taliban’s Umar Media Propaganda and Sympathiser Outreach
    Joshua Bowes
  • 12th January 2024
    Channelling Protests: How Anti-Democratic Actors in Germany Mobilise via Telegram
    Maik Fielitz and Holger Marcks
  • 03rd January 2024
    Mapping Hindutva Discourse in India: Exploring ‘Love Jihad’ Narratives on X
    Mohammad Amaan Siddiqui
  • 13th December 2023
    Exploit and Evade to Remain and Expand: The Cross-Platform Evasion Toolbox of Islamic State Supporters
    Moustafa Ayad
  • 08th December 2023
    Learning from the Leavers? The Promise (and Perils) of r/IncelExit
    Allysa Czerwinsky
  • 04th December 2023
    ‘A Noble Muslimah Stays Home’: Piety Construction and Gendered Narratives among Young Indonesian Women on Instagram and TikTok
    Nuri W Veronika
  • 16th August 2023
    Meta Terror?: The Threats and Challenges of the Metaverse
    Dr. Gabriel Weimann
  • 13th July 2023
    Content Moderation Through Removal of Service: Content Delivery Networks and Extremist Websites
    Seán Looney
  • 26th June 2023
    Moms for Liberty: The Use of Facebook to Spread Far-Right Propaganda and Change Public School Curriculum
    Diana Wallens

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