Once a government or tech company develops a definition of terrorism or violent extremism, it can be difficult to know how to apply these definitions to the variety of ways that terrorism and violent extremism manifests internationally and across online spaces.

This section of the site aims to highlight contextual resources on themes related to applying definitions to the online space.  GIFCT funds the Global Network on Extremism and Technology (GNET) to bring forward actionable insights from experts and practitioners around the world to better inform and give context to tech companies, governments, practitioners and other stakeholders in this field. Insights are curated here under context-based themes.


Tactical Exploitation of Online Services

Online terrorism and violent extremism comes in many forms and platforms are equally exploited in a variety of ways. Terrorist and violent extremist groups and individuals, like average users, use a mixture of platforms to further their aims. This cross-platform approach facilitates in storing content, holding private or confidential conversations, e-commerce for buying and selling goods as well as fundraising, recruitment, and the amplification of propaganda and messaging to the public. These signals, trends and adversarial shifts around this exploitation are highlighted by global experts.

  • 12th September 2022
    Analysing Terrorgram Publications: A New Digital Zine
    Matthew Kriner and Bjørn Ihler
  • 08th September 2022
    Right-Wing Extremists’ Use of the Internet: Emerging Trends in the Empirical Literature
    Dr. Ryan Scrivens, Tiana Gaudette, Dr. Maura Conway and Dr. Thomas J. Holt
  • 25th August 2022
    Humour in Jihadi Rhetoric: A Comparative Analysis of ISIS, Al-Qaeda, TTP, and the Taliban
    Weeda Mehran
  • 15th August 2022
    Understanding The Incel Experience Online
    Maeve Park
  • 03rd August 2022
    Mass Shooterism and the Need for Online Interventions and Bystander Resources
    Moonshot Team
  • 28th July 2022
    The Writing on the (Facebook) Wall: A Revised Assessment of Posting and Support for Violence by Pro-Rittenhouse Meme Creators
    Hampton Stall and Hari Prasad
  • 26th July 2022
    Comparing Online Posting Typologies Among Violent and Nonviolent Right-Wing Extremists
    Dr. Ryan Scrivens, Dr. Garth Davies, Tiana Gaudette and Dr. Richard Frank
  • 20th July 2022
    White Nationalism, Stormfront, and the Extremist Politicisation of Science
    Yotam Ophir, Ayse Lokmanoglu, Dror Walter and Meredith L. Pruden
  • 18th July 2022
    Examining White Supremacist and Militant Accelerationism Trends on TikTok
    Abbie Richards

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