Once a government or tech company develops a definition of terrorism or violent extremism, it can be difficult to know how to apply these definitions to the variety of ways that terrorism and violent extremism manifests internationally and across online spaces.

This section of the site aims to highlight contextual resources on themes related to applying definitions to the online space.  GIFCT funds the Global Network on Extremism and Technology (GNET) to bring forward actionable insights from experts and practitioners around the world to better inform and give context to tech companies, governments, practitioners and other stakeholders in this field. Insights are curated here under context-based themes.


World Events

While robust policies and legislation on defining terrorism and violent extremism might be in place, it can be difficult to know how definitions apply to major global events. In recent years there have been significant offline events that impact counterterrorism and counter-extremism efforts online. The following key events highlight where global researchers have analyzed the impacts of these moments on the online space, focussing on how terrorist and violent extremist actors are using platforms around these events and where solutions can be found.

  • 18th December 2023
    Hezbollah’s Online Battleground: Military Media Unit’s Narratives on Telegram
    Muhammad Fatih Khudri and Jonathan Suseno Sarwono
  • 22nd November 2023
    The Wagner Group is Entering Its Terrorism Era
    Fahad Mirza
  • 17th November 2023
    Hindutva Disinformation Machine: How India is Using the Israel-Palestine War to Spur Anti-Muslim Sentiment at Home
    Shweta Desai and Dr. Amarnath Amarasingam
  • 10th November 2023
    How the Indian Far-Right is Using the Israeli Conflict to Spread Islamophobic Disinformation
    Roshan M
  • 31st October 2023
    How al-Shabaab is Using Social Media to Build a Bridge between Gaza and Somalia
    Georgia Gilroy
  • 30th October 2023
    “Let Them Kill Each Other”: The Israel-Palestine War is the Perfect Storm for Canada’s Far-Right
  • 23rd October 2023
    Emojis of Terror: Telegram’s Role in Perpetuating Extremism in the October 2023 Hamas-Israel War
    Uri Klempner
  • 20th October 2023
    Technology and its Pivotal Role in Hamas’s Successful Attacks on Israel
    Dr Michele Groppi and Dr Vasco da Cruz Amador
  • 19th October 2023
    Pro-Islamic State Supporters’ Responses to the Israel-Hamas Conflict
    Meili Criezis

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