Once a government or tech company develops a definition of terrorism or violent extremism, it can be difficult to know how to apply these definitions to the variety of ways that terrorism and violent extremism manifests internationally and across online spaces.

This section of the site aims to highlight contextual resources on themes related to applying definitions to the online space.  GIFCT funds the Global Network on Extremism and Technology (GNET) to bring forward actionable insights from experts and practitioners around the world to better inform and give context to tech companies, governments, practitioners and other stakeholders in this field. Insights are curated here under context-based themes.


CT Efforts/Positive Interventions

Counterterrorism and counter-extremism campaigns and interventions online have evolved in recent years. These efforts aim to intervene in processes of radicalization, deplatform known extremist networks, redirect users to counterspeech content and positive alternatives, or direct users to resources that can help them disengage from violent extremist networks. International academics have been evolving the intervention space to discuss measurement and evaluation of these campaigns and programs, as well as looking to the future in assessing where interventions can evolve and innovate.


Hashing content is used to improve the capabilities of social media platforms in quickly identifying, reviewing and sometimes removing terrorist and violent extremist content. GIFCTs hash-sharing database allows member platforms to share hashed content to increase fast identification of certain types of terrorist and violent extremist naterial. The Hash Sharing Database was founded by using the UN designation list, which some have commented on as being geopolitically skewed, meaning it is hard to reach terrorists and violent extremists that are absent from the list. Research also indicates this problem may be exacerbated due to the lack of a universal definition for terrorism or violent extremism. GIFCT’s Taxonomy Expansion to the database has worked with global experts on expanding based on behavioral signals.

  • 21st May 2021
    Defining the Delta Between Hashed Terrorist Content and All Terrorist Content
    Brett Raffish

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