What is Terrorism? From Strict Designations to Dynamic Behavioural Factors For Tech Platforms

This video seeks to outline the wide spectrum of definitions of terrorism and violent extremism across the globe. It concludes by sharing some recommendations for tech platforms that utilize terrorism definitions in their policy creation. This video was produced in 2023 by Petra Regeni and the GIFCT Year 3 Legal Frameworks Working Group. This video does not represent the views or positions of GIFCT or individual working group participants.

References and Additional Resources

  • Resource
    GIFCT Global Definitions of Terrorism Map

    Compare which behavioral signals governments and international bodies use the most to legally define and proscribe terrorist and violent extremist individuals, activities, and groups.

  • Resource
    The Interoperability of Terrorism Definitions

    GIFCT's Year 2 Legal Frameworks Working Group sought to facilitate an expansion of the understanding of the possible implications for companies of the current level of (in)coherence regarding TVEC across commercial, national, regional, and international definitions of terrorism. 

  • Reference
    Defining Terrorism

    The report looks at how terrorists, victims of terrorism, religious authorities, mass and social media, national governments, the United Nations, and members from academia have tried to define terrorism. 

  • Reference
    Terrorists Definitions and Designations Lists: What Technology Companies Need to Know

    A primer on terrorist definitions and designations targeted towards tech companies.

  • Reference
    Protecting National Security in Partnership With All Canadians

    Canadian Intelligence Service report on ideologically motivated violent extremism and how it will impact Canada.

  • Reference
    Database of Legislation on the Definition of Terrorism

    A database of countries' laws defining terrorism and penalties associated with committing or supporting acts of terrorism. The database includes counterterrorism legislation, anti-money laundering, and combating financing of terrorism legislation, criminal codes, NGO laws, and any other relevant domestic legislation in place that has a bearing on the way that the country defines terrorism.

  • Reference
    Who Designates Terrorism?

    A Tech Against Terrorism report that analyzes 12 different global definition systems and how designations are implemented. The report concludes with recommendations for moderating terrorist content online.

  • Reference
    Defining and Classifying Terrorist Content Online

    An assessment and recommended next steps for broadening the GIFCT Hash-Sharing Database Taxonomy. Assessments were undertaken by GIFCT staff and academics, practitioners, and civil society leaders. An appendix of select global definitions of terrorism and violent extremism can be found at the conclusion of the report.

  • Reference
    Strategic Intelligence Assessment and Data on Domestic Terrorism

    The Federal Bureau of Investigation and Department of Homeland Security assessment on domestic terrorism, which includes a discussion of activities, certain data on domestic terrorism matters, and recommendations.

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